About us

Nut and Squirrel started with the socks. How could it be that on an island shaped like a shoe, there are not socks or shoes that depict the island? I couldn’t believe it, so I had to make them!

We designed ankle socks of Hilton Head alone and crew socks which include Bluffton as well as Hilton Head. The vision was to imagine you are sticking your foot in Broad Creek and the island wraps around your foot. We included iconic images of Hilton Head, Harbour Town Lighthouse, golf courses, biking and Coligny Beach. We added dolphins and sailboats in the water at the sole of your foot. In Bluffton we added Calhoun Street and the iconic Heyward House which serves as the towns visitor center. I feel gleeful when I wear these sock and I hope that they do the same for you!

We expanded the line of products to include other clothes. Much research was done to find the right production technique. Our shirts are made in a technique so that the dye sits IN the fabric and is not ink ON the fabric. This produces a softer more flexible garment. They feel nice and wear well.

As our product line continues to expand, the theme of our items will focus on a Lowcountry look. This is a beautiful region and our products incorporate photography that is mostly shot in Bluffton and Hilton Head. We may stray every now and then but like many of you, our heart is in the Lowcountry.